Success Stories


The Westover Young Marines Unit have been home for more then 700 kids since 1996. Each and every single Young Marines get’s to achieve and realize dreams and goals that were never thought to be possible during their tour of duty with the Westover Young Marines either because of physical inabilities or self-esteem what ever was to be the reason they got it done. Here we help them guide them along their journey’s, from a Young Child to Young Adults we mold into them Honor, Courage and Commitment along with Discipline, Leadership, and Teamwork. Bellow we have some of our fellow Young Marines story after their Westover Young Marines Discharge who have graduated from our programs with Honorable Discharge and are now in their journeys.


Westover Young Marines who have Enlisted in our Armed Forces and have served proudly for our Nation.

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Westover Young Marines who have attended College after been Honorable Discharge.

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